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How to order

To order, please fill out the following form:

Insert scanned (photographed) image

Name and age of your little designer or designer
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Size toys. Other size please specify in the box "Additional information".
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"Additional information" You can describe any other details that would have had a toy (eg, if we create a toy from the entire image or just a part - a teddy bear and sun in the picture anymore, etc.)

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S vašimi poskytnutými údaji bude nakládáno v souladu s právními předpisy a zejména se zněním NAŘÍZENÍ EVROPSKÉHO PARLAMENTU A RADY (EU) 2016/679 a budou použity výhradně pro potřeby vyřízení Vaší objednávky. Více informací zde Podmínky zpracování osobních údajů

Your data will be handled in alignment with  the European parliament about the personal data protection and will be used solely for the needs of proper fulfilment of your order. These data will not in any case be provided to third party or misused.

2. After you send us the form, we will email you the price calculation, lead time and the payment information. We will also inform you on the fabric we intend to use for your toy and if need be will ask you to specify some details.

3. After we receive your payment and create your toy we will deliver the toy promptly to the address you gave us and will also notify you via email of the upcoming delivery.

4.  What are the toys made of? We us certified soft fabrics like fleece, plush, cotton (or flannel and silk). We pick the fabric to reflect best the character of the toy. We prefer to use fleece because of its many attributes, above all because it is machine washable. All the toys are stuffed with new, hypoallergenic 100% polyester fiberfill. You may machine wash the toys at 30 degrees if not stated otherwise in the enclosed instructions for cleaning. The type of fabric determines how you may clean the toy.

All our toys are fully aligned with the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL DIRECTIVE on toys security 2009/48/ES from 18.6.2009.

How much does it cost

Price depends on complexity and details of a drawing. Our toys are handmade and our goal is that they are made to reflect the very detail of your little artist drawing. The prices range from 20 – 60 EUR plus 21% VAT and shipping costs. (more details on toys price). After you send us the filled-out form we will email you the price of your toy.

How to pay

You may pay via PayPal or bank transfer. After ordering we will email you detailed payment information.

How long does it take to create the toy

We strive to achieve maximum detail of the drawing to be reflected in the toy. Sometimes it takes longer to create the toy and therefore we advise to order as soon ahead as possible. You may also specify in the “comments” field your preferred date of delivery.  After you send us the filled-out form we will email you the price together with the lead time.

Where do we ship

We ship the toys to Czech Republic as well as worldwide. After you send us the filled-out form we will email you the information on shipping costs.

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