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How much does it cost

All toys are hand-made. Every toy is unique and we strive to achieve maximum reflection of the drawing ( including the facial expression)  in the toy. We don´t do just plain sewing according to a given design. The price of the toy sometimes reflects days of work.

Price depends on complexity and details of a drawing and cannot be therefore determined ahead.  The prices usually range from 20 – 60 EUR plus 21% VAT and shipping costs but in some cases the price can be 100 EUR.  We will always inform you about the price of the toy via email after you send us the filled-out form together with the scan of the drawing.

How to pay

You may pay via PayPal or bank transfer. After ordering we will email you detailed payment information.

How long does it take to create the toy

We strive to achieve maximum detail of the drawing to be reflected in the toy. Sometimes it takes longer to get the right fabric and create the toy. The order date determines the order according to which we start to work on a toy. Therefore we advise to order as soon ahead as possible.  If you have a particular date of delivery on your mind (birthday etc.) please list it in the “comments” field and we will do our best to accommodate your order.  After you send us the filled-out form we will email you the price together with the lead time.

Where do we ship

We ship the toys to Czech Republic as well as worldwide. After you send us the filled-out form we will email you the information on shipping costs.

Are the toys secure

To create our toys we use only 100% certified hypoallergenic fabrics. Every toy is created from textile fabric only, it doesn´t contain any hard parts, buttons or wires which might hurt the child during the play or during manipulation with the toy. All our toys are fully aligned with the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL DIRECTIVE on toys security 2009/48/ES from 18.6.2009.

Didn´t you find an answer to your question? Contact us on info@mytoy.cz and we will respond promptly.

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