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It was my friend Marek who came up with the idea to sew toys based on childern's drawings.
This is his Christmas story, this is how it all began.

"My six-year-old niece is a child who has lots of toys. It never ceases to amaze me what you can buy Every Christmas. Whenever I enter a toy store to buy a gift for her, I am astounded. There are so many things, I am at a loss to choose. Besides that, I have another problem: have you noticed how everything is kind of the same there? Sure, there's a difference, at first glance, between a speaking unicorn sprinkled with sequins and a classy wailing werewolf lady, but if you look closely, you won't actually find many differences. Do our children perceive that too? Do you also have the experience of your childern quickly unwrapping all of the many presents they got only to stand over them or start playing with something completely different?

Suddenly I got an idea: Why not do it differently? You see, my niece loves drawing. I asked her to draw a toy that she would like to have. And to my surprice, what she drew was neither a unicorn nor a talking werewolf. It was her dog, only she drew it in her own way. And that's exactly the dog she got from me. Then I was just very curious to see how it would turn out when the presents were opened. Would she like my fleece dog in the competition of talking and moving colorful gifts?

Barca unwrapped everything, then took my (her) dog in her arms and that was that. She didn't care about the other toys, the singing bee bears, the wailing babies. She was all aglow and went around explaining that this dog was hers, that she had invented it and that it looked exactly as she had imagined it. And did it last? Her mommy's having trouble washing the toy. Only when Barča falls asleep at night can she take the dog, but in the morning the animal has to be back in its place.

Maybe you too would like your little Honzik, Anička, Terezka or Kubík to have a toy that they can really relate to, that is different from the others and that they can play with for more than one afternoon.

And this is exactly what we offer you. Based on your child's picture, we will create a plush toy professionally, according to exacting requirements for health safety and quality. Our toys do not talk and do not move. It is your child who brings them to real life. He will play with them."

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