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How it all began…

My six-years-old niece has all toys you can think of. At every Christmas or her birthday I am constantly surprised what all toys can you buy, what toys are there to give to the children… Every time I visit a toy store to buy a toy for her I am overwhelmed by the selection.   It is so wide, that I admit, I can´t choose what to buy. Besides this I have one problem. Did you notice how all these toys are in a way all the same? Sure, there is a difference between sequins-covered-unicorn or Barbie doll at first glance but at the second – not so much. And does the difference mean something for the child? Do you have the experience of your little one getting tons of presents, unpacking them in a second and then going to play with some completely different toy or running outside to play?

My softie - How it all beganOne day I got the idea to do this differently. My niece as all the other kids likes to draw. I asked her to draw the toy she would like to get. And guess what happened…It wasn´t a unicorn or Barbie, it was a simple doggie. Her family´s doggie made into a toy she would get from me. She would get a toy she designed herself. I was very curious on how will she react to it, when unpacking all the heaps of other presents and toys she got. Will stand a chance?

Barborka unpacked every gift and then grabbed my (her) doggie and that was it. She was completely uninterested in the other toys, singing teddy bears, whining baby dolls etc. With her face all shining she was walking around the room, telling everyone that this is her toy, she designed it and it is just the way she wanted it. And did her enthusiasm last? Her mum has quite a problem to take the doggie from her to wash it. Only when she falls asleep in the evening can she take the toy but in the morning, Barborka has to wake up next to her doggie.   I am positive you have experienced the same thing; that you might want your Benjy, Lily, Emma or Jackie have their own toy they will have the special relationship with. A toy which will be different and unique.  With which they will play longer than one afternoon. A toy that doesn´t get thrown away because it grows with them. And then, after they become and adults and someone mentions the word “toy”, their special toy will come to mind.

I would like to offer this opportunity to you as well. Based on your child´s drawing we will create his/her own toy. Professionally and according to all the demanding standards on security. Our toys don´t move or talk – you child will bring life to it. It will play with it.

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